The Importance of Contact between Your Doctor and Disability Lawyer Cleveland Ohio

Most Social Security claims reach the hearing level. Most of them get denied without outside help. When you go up against the Social Security Administration and ask them for benefits, it’s no different from if you were to go up against a well-equipped insurance company. The Social Security Administration has more resources than you, more expertise in you, and you’re the one asking for their help – not the other way around.    

When it comes to getting outside help, the two most important people that can either make your case or break your case is your doctor and your disability attorney Cleveland.

How Your Doctor Can Help With Disability.

Your doctor is required to label you as disabled. Typically, they are required to fill out a Residual Functional Capacity form (RFC). The Social Security Administration must have your doctor’s professional evaluation and judgment on how well you, as a disability applicant, can perform essential tasks. This form is easily the most important part of your disability case. The SSI disability Cleveland is required to treat your doctors opinion as credible. After all, your doctor is the one managing your disability. The credibility of your case will be jeopardized if you fail to seek medical treatment before filing for disability benefits. What the Social Security Administration is looking for is your functional limitations as they provide the greatest evidence and credence to your claim.

How Your Lawyer Can Help With Disability.

An experienced attorney in Social Security disability claims is the next most valuable asset you have in your case. As a lawyer, they are experienced and skilled communicators with the ability to communicate with your physician, the judge, and the Social Security Administration themselves. They know the law. When they review the facts of your case, your work history and medical history are critical elements that are addressed. They can clearly see if your case meets the requirements of the Social Security disability law.

You need both on your side

The opinion of your doctor is critical to the success of your case because your doctor is the one that knows firsthand how the disabilities work and how they may limit you. Your attorney is critical because he or she knows how to win your case. Your disability attorney knows how to emphasize the aspects of your case that are necessary to win your case in court. They know how to speak to the judge and navigate their way through a successful hearing.

Your lawyer, your doctor, and you form a symbiont circle that is necessary for you to win your claim.