SSDI and SSI Services Overview

Thanks to the benefits offered by the SSA through the SSDI and SSI programs, thousands of Americans are able to lead healthy and stable lives every year while living with disabilities. Without full mobility or mental cognition, it can be difficult to sustain a stable and steady income, so these programs provide them with a modest income to help them function. If you feel you or a loved one could benefit from either of these programs, please reference the information below to get started:

Types of Social Security Disability Programs:

  • SSDI – (Social Security Disability Insurance) provides assistance for those who find themselves disabled unexpectedly, and before they have reached retirement age.
  • SSI – (Supplemental Security Income) provides assistance for those with pre-existing disabilities, who have difficulty gaining steady and stable income due to the disability’s effects. SSI aims to provide clothing, shelter, food, and other necessities for its recipients.


Application Necessities:

  • Personal information, such as: your birth certificate, criminal, work, education, and social history, social security card, emergency contacts, residential information, and more.
  • Thorough medical documentation providing the on-set date of your disability, how it has affected your daily life and work ability, and any doctor’s notes detailing recommended treatments.
  • Any other information deemed important to the success of your case by your legal representative.

How Likely am I to Gain Benefits?:
Unfortunately, less than half of applicants will be awarded benefits from their initial application. However, your chances increase every time you move forward into an appeals process. Four appeals stages are available (reconsideration, an administrative law judge hearing, an appeals council review, and a hearing at a federal court), so it is important that you fight as much as possible to receive these valuable benefits.
Allow The Law Office of James Mitchell Brown to Assist You:
Gaining benefits can take from a number of months, to a few years, so you need to apply ASAP if you are in need of assistance. Those who feel they are ill equipped to successfully put together an application by themselves should not fret, as the professionals at The Law Offices of James Mitchell Brown are dedicated to helping you successfully gain SSA benefits. We understand every individual has different needs regarding the application process, and we aim to fulfill those needs every step of the way. To set up a free consultation with one of our talented disability attorneys, please contact us at your convenience.