Social Security Disability Overview

Thousands of Americans can live a comfortable and healthy life each year due to the benefits offered through the SSA. Those living with a disability, which makes it difficult to gain a consistent and significant income, should consider the options available to them as a citizen. To get you started, here is the primary information you need to be made aware of:

Application Necessities:

  • Documents that support your eligibility for benefits through the SSA.
  • Documentation detailing your personal information, such as: social security card, birth certificate, emergency contacts, residential information, and more.
  • A comprehensive work, social, education, and criminal history.
  • Medical documentation detailing the state of your disability, as well as doctor’s recommendations, and the date the disability started affecting your daily life.
  • Other relevant information to your case, as determined by your legal representative.

Types of Social Security Disability:

  • SSDI – (Social Security Disability Insurance) a disability program, which provides assistance for persons who find themselves disabled before retirement age, and have paid sufficient SSA taxes to be insured.
  • SSI – (Supplemental Security Income) a disability program, which assists low people with disabilities, who have little to no income due to their limitations. SSI helps to provide clothing, shelter, food, and other necessities for its recipients.

Appeal Types:

  • Reconsideration – The first appeal process you will be exposed to if your case is initially denied by the SSA. You may request a reconsideration by requesting and completing the SSA-561 and SSA-789 Forms.
  • Administrative Law Judge Hearing – Once an individual is denied approval from a reconsideration, they can request a hearing by an administrative law judge, where you will be able to attempt to gain disability benefits.
  • Appeals Council Review – After being exposed to an administrative law judge, an appeals council hearing may be requested within 60 days. The council will review your case, and decide whether to deny or grant your request for benefits.
  • Hearing at a Federal Court – Those seeking disability will have this appeal option as their final route. A federal court hearing must also be requested within 60 days of being denied during your appeals council review


Allow James Mitchell Brown to Assist You:

Individuals who feel they are qualified to receive these valuable benefits through the SSA should begin their actions ASAP. If you need assistance in gaining benefits, please contact our office at your convenience to set up a free consultation.