Reapplying for SSDI after benefits stop

Many Americans find themselves unable to gain substantial and consistent income due to disabilities every year. Thankfully, the SSDI program through the SSA allows such individuals to gain valuable benefits that can help them through this difficult time.
Some individuals, however, will begin working and gaining substantial gainful activity after they begin receiving SSDI benefits. After you have done so for nine months, your trial work period will end, and you will have your benefits terminated by the SSA.
However, some workers will find themselves back in dire financial situations after they have had their benefits terminated. Once your earnings begin falling below the SGA level required by the SSA again (within 5 years of the date of your initial termination), you may gain benefits back by reinstating them, without having to reapply. This process is known as “expedited reinstatement.” Currently, the SGA level is $1,098 ($1,820 for blind individuals), so be sure to use this benefit if you fall into hard times.
Individuals cannot, however, simply gain expedited reinstatement status for simply falling below the SGA level required. The failure to stay above this limit must be due to the same disability that you were originally awarded benefits for. In the case that you become disabled due to a different disability, you will need to begin the application process anew.
The wait period for having your expedited reinstatement approved can be up to six months. Thankfully, similar to the initial benefit awards, you will receive back pay for the time you are waiting for a decision.
Also similar to the original application process, you may appeal a denial on your request for an expedited reinstatement. To do so, you must begin and finish the process within 60 days of your denial.
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