How to Know if You Qualify for Short-Term Disability Benefits

How to Know if You Qualify for Short-Term Disability Benefits

When you are going to be out of work due to a temporary medical condition, it’s important to know what is needed to qualify for short-term disability benefits. Depending on your employer, you may be able to receive partial salary during the time you’re out, but there are many employers who instead use short-term disability benefits. You need to make sure that you can pay your bills while you’re out of work, so you need to know the important points of short-term disability insurance programs as you approach your leave.


Short Term Disability

Important Things to Know About Short-Term Disability Benefits: 

1) It Can Depend on Where you Live.

Social Security does not offer short-term disability benefits. It instead is based on where you live. Only a few states offer short-term disability programs. These are Rhode Island, Hawaii, California, New York and New Jersey.


2) It is More Often a Employer-Related Benefit.

Short-term disability benefits are usually paid for by an employer, but it can also be paid by the employee. Because of this, employers can dictate the specifics of the short-term disability benefits. This could be requiring sick days be used when an employee goes on leave. They can also require regular visits and reports from a medical facility.


3) It Can Depend on Longevity at the Company and the Specifics of your Employment.

Often, employers only cover full-time employees and those that have already worked there for a certain amount of time. Then, the program is run through a third party company.


4) It will Pay out Part of your Salary.

40 to 60 percent of the salary is usually paid to the employee during this time.


5) It will Require Paperwork.

You will need to have a doctor sign off on your condition. Paperwork in regards to your medical condition, including tentative return date, will also need to be provided. If you need to extend your leave, you will also need to provide additional paperwork about these specifics.


When you need to be out of work for any period of time, it’s important to know the specifics of short-term as well as long-term disability benefits. You need to know how the process works before going on any type of leave. Contact us with any questions you have.

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