Meet Jim

James Mitchell Brown

James Mitchell Brown

I am James Mitchell Brown and I have devoted my life to the pursuit of peace and justice. I am an experienced attorney in disability and accident cases. I am the attorney who can who makes the process go more smoothly, and improve your chance of success. I take pride in changing my client’s lives for the better®.

Let me take the worry from your shoulders and help you with your claim for Social Security or injury benefits. I give every client the time they deserve, the expertise their claim is entitled to and the representation of an attorney who has been representing individuals on accident and disability claims since 1973.





I became an attorney to help people who had no one else to turn to. I am fortunate to be able to serve my clients in the way I would want to be represented. I accept seriously the responsibility of representing people with injuries and disabilities.

Your future depends on my ability to prove the case you have entrusted to me. Your chance to live the best quality of life possible considering what has happened to you is my responsibility. I am proud to take on the challenge of changing the lives for the better of the men and women who turned to me for help when they have been in an accident or are unable to work due to a disability. I give my clients the best I have to offer in helping them receive the benefits they deserve.

I will handle all the necessary paperwork, gather all medical records, file any necessary evidence and represent you every at every step of your case. I will be with you at hearings and in court.