How Do I Report Changes to the SSA?

When unexpected changes happen in your personal life, living situation, or finances, any SSA provided disability benefits you receive may be affected. Anytime you experience a change that could affect the status/amount/etc. of you or your family members’ disability benefits, you should immediately report the information to the SSA.
Of the many happenings you may report to the SSA, returning to work is the one that must be reported immediately. Even if you are only working in a position for a few shifts, and for low wages, failing to report any work activity could result in fines that may penalize the benefits you are currently receiving. In extreme scenarios, you may lose your benefits altogether.
The amount of hours you work will ultimately affect both your medical eligibility, and the amount of support you receive from the SSA program you’re enrolled in. For SSI, earned income has the potential to lower the SSI benefits you receive monthly. Overall, hours worked ends up affecting those enrolled in the SSI program more than it does to those enrolled in SSDI.
Other changes in your life may or may not need to be reported to the SSA. Determining which changes must be reported is of utmost importance, however, especially when dealing with SSI benefits. The most common situation changes you will need to report are as follows:

  • Living Situation/Residency
  • Gained/Lost Assets
  • Changes to Income
  • Your State of Residence
  • Change in Marital Status
  • Changes in Financial Institution Usage (Banks, Loan Services, Etc.)

To ensure the information provided to the SSA about your disability status is up to date, and correct, you should always consult a trusted SSI lawyer in Cleveland from time-to-time. By doing so, you can rest easy, and not worry that your benefits may be affected negatively simply because you failed to realize what sort of specific information you needed to report to the SSA.
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