How Can I Communicate More Effectively with My Social Security Lawyer?

Many people are tempted to apply for Social Security disability benefits on their own. Taking this course of action is never recommended. In fact, taken this course of action can almost guarantee you a denial letter. It may be common practice for you to call a lawyer after your initial rejection letter, but this course of action is not recommended as well.


Most Social Security cases that get denied are denied based off a technicality. Having a lawyer beforehand – before you apply for your Social Security disability benefits – can ensure that you avoid this legal loophole altogether.


What Your Lawyer Needs from You


Your lawyer needs to hear your story in a chronological manner. In other words, begin with what happened first, what happened after that, and then what happened last. When you first call your lawyer, he or she has no idea who you are. Your attorney is human – and it would be extremely beneficial if you were to tell your story and lay the facts out on the table in a way that he or she can understand it.


Be Honest by Bringing Everything to the Table


That leads me to my next point – be honest and bring everything to the table. Your lawyer is going to be your legal representation in the courtroom and out. As such, your attorney does not need to be blindsided in front of the judge by information that he or she should have known all along.


Furthermore, your lawyer is going to be judging you on your trustworthiness, the facts of your case, and if he or she can be successful acting as a representation for the case.


Always Come Prepared


Bring with you everything that you feel is relevant. If you feel that it is only slightly relevant, bring it. Your lawyer, as your legal representation, needs as many facts as you can bring to help you win your Social Security Disability Beachwood case. In the courtroom, judges generally care about two things – dates and times. The best way to communicate information in this manner is with proper documentation.


Your lawyer is going need as much information from you as is humanly possible. As a skilled communicator, your Social Security Lawyer in Cleveland knows how to effectively communicate your case to the judges in a way that the judges will agree with your case. Let your attorney be the judge about which information is relevant in which information is not.