Helping Injured and Disability

Helping the Injured and Disabled

I have been helping the disabled and injured for over 40 years. Let me put my experience and dedication to personal service to work for you. I take pride in changing my client’s lives for the better.

When I was three years old my cousin was mis-diagnosed with the flu. By the time the doctors realized he had meningitis his brain had stopped working. Sixty-six years later he still functions as a three year old. When this happened his father abandoned my aunt and she had to move in with my grandparents. I saw how my mother and her sisters helped my aunt take care of her children. My cousin lived with a family until my aunt was too old to take care of him at which time he moved into a group home. Roger is still with family for every holiday and whenever possible.

My father had to drop out of high school when he was 16 to support his mother, brother and sister because his father had died two years earlier. Through hard work and learning from some good bosses he ended up owning his own dry cleaning stores and always hired inner city disabled people to work for him. He paid their union dues and made sure everyone who worked for him treated them fairly.

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