Handling an Overpayment from the SSA

Handling an Overpayment from the SSA

When you are receiving disability payments, there may be a chance the SSA may make an overpayment. The overpayment amount is the amount you received against the amount that was actually due to you. Different things can cause overpayment including higher income than estimated, living situation changes, marital status changes, or you have more resources than allowed. You may also no longer have a disability but continue to receive benefits or changes are not reported. The SSA also may incorrectly figure benefits because of incorrect information. If you get an overpayment, you must respond to any letters you will receive.

If the SSA finds that you are overpaid, you will receive a notice that outlines the overpayment. They will ask for a full refund within 30 days, and there are consequences for non-compliance of repayment. If the refund is not returned, the notices acknowledge the purpose of withholding overpayment at the rate of 10 percent less or the entire monthly payment. The notices also state the month the withholding will start and give you information to appeal. It explains how you can have the overpayment reviewed and waived. You may apply to appeal the decision, so you don’t have to make the repayment. There are other options available if you’re overpaid.

If you feel you did not receive an overpayment, you can request a reconsideration. You can ask for an appeal within ten days from the date the notice was received, and payments will continue until a decision is reached. If you feel overpayment was made but the decision was not your fault, you can ask to get a waiver for the overpayment. You can also request a form and fill out a request for a waiver. You can ask for the waiver anytime, and you will not have to make a repayment if you receive an exemption.

To qualify for an exemption, you need to provide proof that the overpayment was not your fault. You must also show that you cannot make repayment because you need the money to meet your regular living expenses. You can provide bills to show your monthly expenses, and any repayment will be a hardship for you to make. There are plenty of options available for anyone who feels they were overpaid by accident. As long as you have proof that you were not at fault, and you cannot make the repayment, the SSA will assist you to correct the situation.

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